About Us

The gang after our first panel at Otakon 2015

Founded in 2014 by Shep and The boulder, Winning The War On Pants was founded so that we could share our passion for Anime and all things nerdy. After presenting “I mustn’t run away…I mustn’t run away…” at Katsucon 2015, Shep and the Boulder were then joined by Luke, Demyx, and Shaggy. Still needing a name, Mr. Panda of The Manly Battleships suggested that we use the name of the Strike Witches panel we were developing for Otakon, Winning The War On Pants, as our group name.

Our Logo

Based upon the Squadron Patch of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, the unit the main characters of Strike Witches belong to, we added our own design elements to the log to represent us. The tartan at the base of the logo is that of U.S. Air Force, which we chose in honor of The Boulder’s father, a retired B-52 pilot, and his brother, an officer currently serving in the Air Force. Since we also present panels on SciFi in addition to anime, and since the “Strike Witches” share a unit number with “Vader’s Fist”, we added an Imperial Crest and Death Star to the logo.

Our Members


A former Revolutionary War Reenactor and a lover of Anime, SciFi, Wrestling, and D.C. Sports, Shep is both the brains of the outfit and our resident salt-lord. Shep can usually be found fuming about delays in the release of the next Evangelion movie or ranting about the mismanagment of Nationals Pitchers by Dusty Baker while shopping at his Favorite Store On The Citadel.

The Boulder

Be it laying the Smackdown in the Earth Bending Ring, checking Jabronis into the boards, or rescuing cats from trees, The Artist Formerly Known as Papa Palps is always CLANGIN’ AND BANGIN’ and putting in the work.


The life of the party and our resident cosplay expert, Demyx brings his boundless enthusiasm into everything he does, while also making Evil look Sexy.


Our video editor, primary streamer on twitch, and lover of moe, Luke is a pretty cool guy and doesn’t afraid of anything.


Like totally dude, this bio thing…