Our Panels

Current Panels

These are panels that are in our current repertoire that we are actively offering to conventions and/or will be presenting at upcoming conventions.

Moe Military

From moe anthropomorphizations of war machines to cute animals going to war, join us as we take a look at military themed Moe Anime ranging from “Girls Und Panzer” to “Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors”



Can Shiki Kill Servants? Is Being Lancer Suffering? Join us as we discuss Mana Transfers, Chairs that need to die, and all other things Type Moon.


“I Mustn’t Run Away…I Mustn’t Run Away… “(18+)

Who is the best Evangelion Pilot? What do the last 2 episodes really mean? Is Hideaki Anno legitimately insane or just a misunderstood artist? Join us for an open debate and discussion on the groundbreaking anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”


Nautical Nonsense: A Look Into Japanese Navel History and the the Anime It Spawned

From “Kantai Collection” to “Arpeggio of Blue Steel” to “Space Battleship Yamato”, the history of the Japanese Navy has inspired many beloved Anime. Join us as we discuss these series and the history that inspired them.


Bon Voyage! A Look Into Epic Space Journeys and Other Space Operas

Be it finding the 13th Colony of Kobol or trying to make it home from the far-off Delta Quadrant, join us as we introduce and discuss Space Opera ranging from Space Battleship Yamato to Battlestar Galactica.



Join our panel of smarks and snarky marks as we discuss the state of the industry, look back at some of our favorite matches, and engage in shameless fantasy booking.

On The Shelf

These are panels we have performed in the past, and may again offer in the future

MY CABBAGES: An Avatar and Legend of Korra Debate Panel

Join us as we debate and discuss various issues within the Avatar:The Last Airbender fandom


Tabletop RPGs 101

Ever wanted to play Dungeon & Dragons or another Tabletop RPG and but aren’t sure how? Join us as we gently introduce you into the world of Tabletops.



Ever wanted to see magical girl versions of World War II aces fight aliens based on American and Nazi super-weapons? Or see a world where no one of importance wore pants? Come with us to discuss Strike Witches, an anime so awesome, we named our panel group after it’s tagline.


Shirou Emiya: Hero

A look at how Shirou Emiya exemplifies the Shounen Hero archetype while also contrasting him to the other heroic archetypes seen in Fate/Stay Night

Want us to present a panel on your favorite fandom?

We’re Ready, Willing, and Gable to do the work necessary to bring a panel on that subject to a con near you! Head over to the contact page and shoot us a message letting us know what you would like us to present.